Drummer OPML Demo

drummerCMS on localhost

My adventure today has been running drummerCMS on my local Mac. It pretty much worked out of the box.

I git cloned the repository, ran npm install, then started the server with node drummercms.js, and noted it was running on port 1410. I figured the URL to build would be "http://localhost:1410/blog=myTwitterName" and sure enough, it wrote out a data directory and tried to write files to S3 (which failed, of course, because I can't write to the "oldschool.scripting.com" bucket 😂).

Then I had to remember (or look up) how to set up my own S3 bucket for static site hosting and change a couple config variables in drummercms.js

var basePath = "/drummer.papascott.de/" # My bucket name, without a subdirectory for my Twitter name

const appDomain = "drummer.papascott.de" # The domain I've pointed to the bucket

Actually that's probably a stupid name for the domain, since Drummer is the system, not the blog! 😛

And I can view my blog under http://drummer.papascott.de.s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com/ (http://drummer.papascott.de/ doesn't work on my Mac yet, but does on my phone. Must be some weird DNS caching voodoo 🤷‍♂️) (Yep, that's what it was, in my router.)

Note I am not changing any header settings on blog.opml itself. I want Drummer itself to keep working as usual.